How to Travel New Zealand’s South Island for Free

15 places you must see on New Zealand's South Island. Visit New Zealand on a budget. Budget Travel Tips

Whoever said Disney was the happiest place on Earth clearly never made it to New Zealand. Traveling around New Zealand’s South Island for two weeks had me in a constant state of awe. Throughout the entire two weeks, I don’t think I ever picked my jaw up off the floor. I’ve seen photos and documentaries, I’ve read plenty of blogs, but nothing compares to seeing it in person. However, the anticipated expenses can be a bit daunting. Luckily, there are plenty of free things to do in New Zealand!

This is precisely why budgeting a New Zealand trip really isn’t that difficult. There are loads of adventures you can take advantage of on the island that will cost you an arm and a leg, but those things aren’t necessary in order to truly enjoy New Zealand. The best things on the South Island are free. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite FREE experiences in New Zealand.

1. Travel back in time with the Moeraki Boulders
 2. Take a picture of the 2nd most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere (after the Sydney Opera House) – the train station in Dunedin

 3. Enjoy all of the wonderful street art (Dunedin)

 4. Walk up the steepest road in the world (Dunedin) 5. Watch the sea lions at Allans Beach (Dunedin) 6. Relax by the Purakaunui Waterfalls 7. Hike any of the trails in Te Anau 8. View Queenstown from The Remarkables 9. Connect with the lonely tree at Lake Wanaka 10. Hike Mount Roy – Exhausting, but beyond worth it! 11. Stargaze at the Church of the Good Shephard (Lake Tekapo) 12. Check out Hooker Glacier Lake 13. Visit the Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfalls 14. Watch the sunrise and sunset at the beaches 15. Don’t hesitate to pull over and take photos!

So there you have it, my favorite experiences on the South Island that won’t cost you a penny and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

What are your favorite free (or budget friendly) things to do in New Zealand?

4 Responses to How to Travel New Zealand’s South Island for Free

  1. Lisa says:

    New Zealand is simply breathtaking! I was able to do some of these, but missed a few big ones such as seeing the lonely tree and visiting the Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfalls. I guess it gives me a reason to go back one day. If I do, I’ll be sure to keep these budget friendly suggestions in mind.

  2. Ok, I have to get to New Zealand sometime soon! Your pictures are just to DIE for!