What little things bring you happiness?

Do you ever just feel like you need to write, not about anything in particular but just write?

I have deemed today a me day, so while I have loads of writing I could do about my recent trip to New Zealand, I’d rather write about literally nothing to clear my mind. I hope some of you understand where I’m coming from.

As I said, today was a me day. If you’ve ever met me, you’d know that I don’t give myself a lot of those. Right now, I’m still off work for the holiday but that will change shortly. Since it’s still the holiday, everyone who lives here is either on a flight coming back or recuperating from their trip. So, I figure this might be my only opportunity for some me time. Overall, it’s been a good day.

I woke up this morning and chatted with some friends back home. Thankfully the internet was working at 6 am.

I was able to finish some work for grad school before the internet cut out at 9 am. But naturally, experiencing dysfunctional internet really frustrated me, so I shut off my computer and decided to be old-fashioned and do things that didn’t require Wi-Fi.

I cooked myself breakfast (a rare thing). It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was about as good as it gets for me.

I cleaned my apartment. All of my laundry is officially dry and put away. Doing laundry is a 24 hour event when you live in China.

I played my ukulele. I haven’t had time to do this in months, so it was really nice. However, I realized how rusty I am and how important it is to keep at it or I’ll never get any better!
I doodled. I have not drawn anything in a really long time (mostly because I’m a perfectionist and I have to leave myself ample time to work on a drawing , so if I don’t have the time I won’t even start a project).
I set goals for the semester and did some teacher research to make the spring a bit easier on me, hopefully!
I worked out. Being in New Zealand reminded me how much I miss being active, so I came home in the right mindset to get back into a new fitness routine. It’s crazy to me how quickly I can forget how happy working out makes me.
I pampered myself with a new face mask. I will say this didn’t go as planned, but in the end, my skin felt pretty good!

And now, I’m writing. I’m writing about nothing that anyone else cares about simply because it makes me happy to just write. There’s no pressure when I can just ramble about whatever and it frees up space in my mind. I used to write random ramblings a lot, but since I’ve started traveling, most of my posts are strictly about travel. Sometimes it’s nice to write random ramblings. So here it is, a post just to post and to make me happy.

 Sometimes the little things are the most important things. What little things do you do that bring you happiness?

2 Responses to What little things bring you happiness?

  1. This day sounds awesome!! I can't wait to see you so sooooon!

  2. Tara says:

    YAY! I can't wait either!